Current Research

For every $1 of SaskCanola commitment invested in agronomic research in 2016, it was matched by partner funding of $3.72. With these new commitments, SaskCanola continues in the pursuit of providing value back to producers who can implement these research results into their farm operations. SaskCanola research results are posted continually to the SaskCanola website, with both short and long reports available.

For the 2015/16 year, SaskCanola has initiated 18 new research projects, including:

  • Crop response to foliar applied phosphorus fertilizer;
  • Assessing the influence of base germination temperature and chemical dessicants on the recruitment biology of cleavers;
  • Enhancing the beneficial root microbiome in canola;
  • Enhancing the durability of clubroot with multiple resistance genes;
  • Enhanced Saskatchewan soil data for sustainable land management;
  • Enhanced modeling of swede midge population dynamics in North America;
  • Enhancing canola production with improved phosphorus fertilizer management; and
  • Surveillance networks for beneficial insects: can natural habitats serve as insect reservoirs and do they contribute to canola yield?

Check out our research project reports page to read the summary and full reports of these projects and others once they are complete.