SaskCanola Annual General Meeting, Jan 8, 2018

Monday, January 8, 2018 TCU Place, Saskatoon SK

11:00AM – 12:00PM: SaskCanola’s Annual General Meeting Gallery C & D

12:00PM – 1:00PM: Complimentary lunch with guest speaker, Greg Johnson, the Tornado Hunter Gallery C & D

From Chasing Sticky Ideas to Chasing Storms – Building Your Legacy

In this presentation, Greg talks about the intangible things – the legacy – that we pass on to those around us. He talks about how life is full of goals and dreams but argues it’s those sticky ideas – the ones that keep haunting us – that can help us to achieve greater things in life. Drawing from his personal experiences and his collection of awe-inspiring imagery he has collected as one of the world’s leading storm chasers, Greg demonstrates how life’s challenges can lead us to amazing opportunity and to great achievement. He encourages us to grasp onto our sticky ideas, take pride in our passions and build the best life and legacy we can using the time we are given.

Greg Johnson


Greg Johnson, one of North America’s top professional storm-chasers and severe weather experts, is also an accomplished photographer, speaker, author and workshop leader. Having graduated from Canada’s renowned Acadia University, and after founding and building a leading successful communications, marketing and advertising firm from the ground up, Greg decided it was time to devote himself full-time to pursuing his passion for capturing nature’s most beautiful and deadly displays of severe weather.

With over ten years of experience, Johnson enjoys chasing classic prairie thunder and lightning storms, tornados, hurricanes, blizzards, and plans to continue traveling the world year-round to satisfy his appetite for capturing extreme weather.

Using sophisticated weather-tracking technology, his ability to read severe weather patterns and a team of dedicated sidekicks, Greg has put over 200,000 kms on his Tornado Truck, intercepting and documenting hundreds of storms across the United States and Canada since 2011 alone. His recent experiences include documenting and compassionately sharing the aftermath of the massive twisters that devastated Joplin Missouri, Moore Oklahoma and El Reno Oklahoma.

Additionally, Greg’s skills are now being retained by the outdoor festival industry in order to assist organizers in ensuring their large crowds are kept safe from sudden and severe weather risks. Greg is the author of the Blown Away, A year through the lens of The Tornado Hunter, a best seller and gold medal award winner for design.

A firm believer in the ‘Bucket List’ philosophy, Greg’s mission is to inspire others to chase their own passions, while sharing and teaching the lessons he has learned from pursuing his. When he’s not storm-chasing, Greg enjoys life at home in Regina, Saskatchewan spending time with his three children, and of course – cheering for his beloved Saskatchewan Roughriders.