Policy Issues & Articles

Under the policy portfolio, SaskCanola works collaboratively with other organizations and government agencies to ensure there is a positive regulatory environment for Saskatchewan producers to operate in.

It is also a goal of the commission to ensure the policies and programs in Saskatchewan provide a hospitable environment for value-added processing in the canola industry. In order to manage policy issues, SaskCanola staff and board work closely with the two national canola organizations (Canadian Canola Growers Association and Canola Council of Canada) to advance federal policy issues for farmers and the broader canola industry. SaskCanola also communicates directly with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture on regional issues that fall under provincial jurisdiction.

Policy Position on Component Pricing

SaskCanola supports the current marketing system for canola. Upon analysis completed by New West Public Affairs there will be no net benefit to Saskatchewan canola producers of a component pricing marketing system:

  • Weather and length of growing season have significantly more impact on oil content than management practices;
  • The canola market is currently very efficient and increasing complexity will add costs to the system;
  • A baseline would be set with both premiums and discounts to manage the range in oil content; and,
  • Major export markets are very price sensitive so any premiums would cause them to choose a substitute such as palm or soybean.

SaskCanola Webinar: Weighing the Options on Component Pricing in Canola


Policy Position on Clubroot

It is the responsibility of canola growers to implement best agronomic practices in their operations and understand their obligations under the Pest Control Act in prevention and mitigation of the disease.


  • Raise awareness of the disease and its potential implications to the canola industry through various extenstion activities;
  • Participate in the Saskatchewan Clubroot Initiative as it evaluates and revises the Saskatchewan Clubroot Management Plan;
  • Raise producer awareness of their obligations act under the Pest Control Act;
  • Support research on Clubroot in canola;
  • Make the tools and information readily available to Rural Municipal Councils as they develop local clubroot policies and bylaws;
  • Encourage consistency in the development of bylaws and local policies on clubroot; and,
  • Encourage farmers to seek out the expertise of Professional Agrologists when developing clubroot management plans.